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Tarek, at 26 years old, studies economic science and management in Morocco. Intrepid and adventurous globe-trotter, unable to ignore the call of adventure. Fascinated by the world, by people, and by the multitude of landscapes all around us.

by Tarek

by Tareek

I have a strong passion for travel, so this blog will contain updates on Traveling in the whole world.

Currently I realized a tour  of Morocco in Africa. The first country I visited in latin America  » Brazil  » and in Europe : France, Spain, Belgium.
I am ready to expand that number by visiting as many places as I can!

To run the world in every way possible is not only the discovery of others, but it is first and foremost the exploration of oneself, acting and reacting.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles and going through my blog.

Stay here and up to date, I will soon come to your country!


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